Geriatric Psychiatry

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Geriatric Psychiatry

On Site Geriatric Evaluations

Geriatric evaluations are offered by board certified psychiatrists on site and at long term care facilities. Often, the first indication that a problem exists is related to memory. Many people over the age of 65 can benefit from a comprehensive geriatric evaluation. Ask your physician if a geriatric assessment might be helpful for you or your loved one. If treatment is required, the goal of any and all treatment options is optimal health and quality of life. If a change of residence is advised, we will always seek the least restrictive environment.

It is our strongly held belief that in a field as clinically challenging as long-term care behavioral health, it takes a team to deliver optimal care. When dealing with the complexities of dementia, medical co-morbidities, chronic psychiatric illnesses and mood disorders, our goals are to reduce the frequency and severity of symptoms and behavioral disturbances, enabling residents to achieve the best quality of life and avoid unnecessary hospitalization. We do this through a team of clinicians who provide a combination of behavioral and psychopharmacological interventions. We do not view one discipline as the “prescriber” and another discipline as the “therapist.” Instead, we integrate disciplines in a collaborative manner that results in optimal patient outcomes.

Geriatric Services in Long Term Care Facilities

Wayne Behavioral Service provides exceptional care and superior services to residents of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. These services include; mental health and psychiatric evaluations, medication management, behavioral interventions, and psychotherapy. We help our client facilities to achieve the best outcomes for their residents by increasing access to behavioral health services through our team of geriatric Psychiatrists and Advanced Nurse Practitioners’ who have extensive experience in managing behavioral health issues.

Wayne Behavioral Service partners with skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, providing high quality behavioral health services to their residents. Our clinicians work closely with your facility’s staff to provide proactive behavioral health care. Our clinical team integrates pharmacological and behavioral interventions, emphasizing non-pharmacological treatments whenever possible. Medication management teams monitor the use of psychotropic drugs, and help your facility to meet federal guidelines for Gradual Dose Reduction (GDR). Proactive behavioral interventions on-site help reduce re-hospitalizations.

Wayne Behavioral Service follows the American Psychiatric Association guidelines in the use of psychotropic medication carefully and effectively in geriatric patients, if non-pharmacological interventions fail in management of behavioral disturbances secondary to primary psychiatric disorders. We follow F-tag329 guidelines around Gradual Dose Reduction (GDR) of psychotropic medications. WBS partners with CHE Behavioral Health Services to provide comprehensive integrated Biopsychosocial approach to care for the residents.

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