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Choosing to pursue treatment for mental health concern can be intimidating and scary. We understand the impact this decision will make on your life. We are glad you have chosen to take the first step in seeking help.

To schedule an initial consultation, a follow up or medication management session for yourself or someone else, call at (973) 790-9222 option 1.


What happens after I call to schedule an assessment?

  1. Reception requests client information
  • Our admissions staff member takes general client information including your name, birth date, contact and insurance information, as well as a brief description of current symptoms.
  • Family members, doctors, social workers, EAPs or therapists can contact us on your behalf to schedule the initial appointment, if necessary.


  1. Telehealth Level of Care Assessment (LOCA)
  • At the scheduled time and date, log into our video conferencing system with the login information emailed to them by the admissions team. Please note that adolescent patients must be accompanied by a legal guardian.
  • In order to complete the assessment, you will need access to reliable internet, a front-facing camera, and a working email address to receive consents and telehealth links. A smart phone (iPhone, Android, etc.) can be used. If you do not have internet, Comcast is offering 2 months of Free High Speed Internet if you apply before April 30th.
  • During the LOCA, an experienced psychiatrist or therapist will work with you to determine the level of care necessary to achieve your treatment goals.
  • Our assessment may determine that you require a higher level of care than we offer. If this is the case, we would refer you to our network of trusted partners. Any professional referrals to outside treatment centers or community resources that come about as a result of the assessment are based on your identified needs and best interests.


Our fax number is (973) 790-0671.

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Important Updates Related to COVID-19

We remain committed to providing care to both current and new clients.  We are currently open and accepting new clients, leveraging telehealth capabilities to deliver service via phone and video conferencing.  If you or a loved one needs help, please call us today.


The safety and well-being of clients, families and employees is a top priority at Wayne Behavioral Service. We will use this page to provide timely updates and helpful information.


Delivering Telehealth Services and Protecting Confidentiality

Updated March 26, 2020

As the world adapts to the ever-changing landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic, mental and behavioral health practitioners are a step ahead of the curve. Formerly, in order to provide HIPAA-compliant telehealth services, practitioners had to connect to a secure, hard-wired line. In fact, many telehealth operations still function this way today. However, as companies like and Clocktree developed HIPAA-compliant software that safely and legally protects Personal Health Information (PHI), the mental health field began to embrace telehealth on a larger scale, well before the emergence of COVID-19.

Cyber Security (and platforms like it) utilizes highly secure, encrypted video connectivity to meet HIPAA privacy rules. What does encrypted mean? Encryption is a process by which the data being transferred between client and clinician (and to other group members, if applicable) is translated into another form (coding language) and is only converted back into video data by a user who has the “key.” In this case, only the people invited to the meeting have the “key.” This kind of encryption ensures that no 3rd party could access the video or audio, even if they hacked into the system, because they don’t have the key to decode it.


Participating in a Telehealth Session

WBS uses the platform to conduct our telehealth sessions.  Below is a helpful video and reference PDF that demonstrate the ease and convenience of this service.

Please call us at 973-790-9222 at any time to schedule an appointment.

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