What to Expect with Ketamine Treatment

What to Expect with Ketamine Treatment

What can you expect in a Ketamine Infusion Treatment at Wayne Behavioral Services?

To receive your Ketamine Infusion Treatments, you will come to our specialty room located in our main offices.  The entire process will be complete 90 minutes after your treatment appointment begins. You will leave experiencing no side effects, however, patients are NOT allowed to drive after an infusion, so you must arrange for transportation with a caregiver or car service.

Prior to your first treatment you will be asked to complete a depression and anxiety scale.  Then your heart rate and blood pressure will be monitored with a blood pressure cuff as the ketamine is slowly injected into a vein in your arm over a 40-minute period.  During the first 15-20 minutes of the injection, you are unlikely to feel any effects of the ketamine. About 20 minutes into the infusion process most people begin to notice a feeling of “lightness” or “floating,” blurred or double vision, and sometimes numbness in the toes or around the mouth.  These sensations build over the next 20 minutes to a peak of intensity at the end of the ketamine infusion. Ten to fifteen minutes later the feelings begin to subside, and by the end of about 45 minutes, they are gone.

The dose of Ketamine used for the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders is very low and safe.  For a few minutes during the infusion itself your blood pressure and heart rate may increase and wearing the blood pressure cuff allows us to monitor your health.  You are able to move freely during the entire treatment. Ketamine itself will not put you to sleep, but if you are already tired, a nap during treatment is not out of the question.

You may notice positive effects from the ketamine before leaving our office, but more typically people begin feeling the positive effects 2-4 hours after a treatment, and sometimes not for 24 hours.  You will be asked to fill out a second depression and anxiety scale at the 24-hour point to help determine your response to ketamine infusion treatments. It is unlikely you will need more than two treatments to determine if Ketamine Infusion Therapy will work for you.

Please contact our office to discuss whether Ketamine Infusion Treatments are right for you.

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